Functional Personal Training

Sport Specific Training

It is so fun to work with athletes and I love to see how quickly strength training is reflected in improved performance. Here are just some examples of how specialized strength training can benefit athletes of all ages:



Knee injuries are common among soccer athletes. Strengthening the knee and surrounding joints throughout all planes of motion will help to prepare your body for quick changes in direction.


Throwing involves more than just the shoulder joints; your whole body needs to move together. Tightness in any area can alter your body mechanics and increase your chance for injury.


Core strengthening exercises will help to keep your body in an optimal position for reducing drag in the water. Shoulder, back, and hip strengthening exercises will improve your speed.


Strength training is important for both sprint and long distance runners. The power needed for sprinting will have better output if you work to build a strong foundation first. And the stronger you are, the easier each step will be during a long distance run.


Improve mobility through your hips and back while strengthening your legs for greater power output.


Increase your vertical and create a powerful hit or block with special attention given to core strength, glute activation and shoulder stabilization.


Tension in any muscle can affect your swing. Your consistency and skill are very dependent on improving mobility and strength throughout your whole body.

Track & Field

As a former heptathlete, I have a unique knowledge of all track and field events. I love the sport and understand the strength needs of the athletes much better now than when I was a competitor.

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