Functional Personal Training


Can I bring my kids to the workout?

Yes. You can always bring your kids to my home studio. And if we’re at your home or outside, of course they are welcome to join us!

What is your cancellation policy?

I ask that clients give me 12 hours advance notice. It can be difficult to coordinate schedules with my clients and family commitments. Once you’re in my schedule, I expect you to show up.

Are personal training and small group training packages transferable?

Yes. You can share a package with your friend, spouse, or family member. And if you are unable to continue training, you can transfer the remainder of your sessions to another person.

My friend and I purchased a 20 session package together. If she is sick and can’t make it, will we still be charged the partner rate?

You will be charged the individual rate for whichever package you purchased. Since you purchased the 20 session package, you would be charged $55 for the session (the individual rate for a 20 session package) and pay on a session-by-session basis when this happens.

My wife and I purchased a 10 session package, but she is no longer able to participate. Can we get a refund?

You can use the remaining cash balance on your account towards any other service (1-on-1 training, small group training, or bring another friend to finish out your partner package). 

My coworker and I are interested in partner training, but also want to train on our own. Can you accommodate this?

Yes. We can discuss payment options, but it will probably look something like this: You each put a certain amount of money on your account. When you come together, each person will be charged half of the partner training rate. When you come separately, you will be charged the rate for one-on-one training.