Functional Personal Training

Family Fitness

Bring your kids with you for FREE!* My goal is to create an environment where the entire family can exercise safely and comfortably, have fun, and create lasting memories. It is so sad to see the disconnect that comes from the technology we are surrounded with today. Help to set healthy examples for your kids and bring them along to participate in a fun, app-free, and challenging activity.

* Kids are welcome at my home studio, outdoors, or in your home sessions. And depending on the day and time, may be able to join you at the DTC studio.


Family fitness is charged the same as other individual, partner, or small group training, depending on the number of adults attending training sessions. For example, a dad and two kids would be charged at the one-on-one rate, two parents with 2 kids would be charged at the partner training rate, and a group of 3-5 adult family members would be charged at the small group training rate. Here is my pricing schedule.

Ask about discounts for families with special needs.