Functional Personal Training

Community Outreach

“How wonderful the no one need wait a
single moment to improve the world.”
– Anne Frank

Volunteer Opportunities

My intention in bringing clients together for volunteer opportunities is to create a sense of community and for us all to experience the joy of giving back to others. I feel very fortunate to have been born healthy and to have access to my education, medical care, friends, and family. And I continue to be blessed with healthy, happy, rambunctious children. Realizing that not everyone is so lucky, I want to set a good example for my children through volunteerism and create a better world for them and their peers. There is no pressure at all for my clients to volunteer or donate money. I will let you know about upcoming events or you can check the calendar,  as you prefer. No obligation to participate, I just think it will be fun to have other people to volunteer with.

If you have any ideas for community outreach projects, please contact me.

Check the Events Page for current volunteer opportunities and other fun stuff.

Non-Profit Organizations

Contact me for personal training gift cards to be used in silent auctions, as a gift to a donor, or other fundraising.

Special Needs Personal Training
If your organization serves people with disabilities, please contact me to see if I am available for free personal training services. I have committed to volunteering up to 3 sessions/week for people with special needs.

Need Volunteers?
I would love to hear about your volunteer needs and brainstorm on group volunteering opportunities that could benefit your organization.