Functional Personal Training

About Nichole

NicholeThe Essentials of My Training Style:

Functional training
Emphasis on FUN (I hope). Functional training is a style of exercising that focuses on training the body to be strong and stable in ways that make you function better in your daily life. It is geared toward improving mobility and strength through your whole body so that you can move better and with less pain. Strength throughout your full range of motion will prevent injury and keep your body in proper alignment.

Corrective exercise
Each person has different things they need to be able to do pain-free and every body has different tight or weak spots that can be trained to function better. Your particular movement patterns reflect years of habits, both good and bad, that have shaped your muscles to their current state. I will work with you to create a program that corrects these imbalances, decreases pain and improves the range of motion in your joints.

Fad-free fitness
I will not incorporate the newest fads just for the sake of popularity. I will take into consideration whether or not the activity will benefit you before integrating it into your routine. Not everyone should be doing handstand pushups, full range of motion squats, or box jumps.

Acceptance and Accountability
I realize that life can sometimes be overwhelming and it’s hard to fit exercise into your busy schedule. We start every session by accepting where you are now and what you can do TODAY to get to where you want to be. I am in the journey with you and I’m here to help and encourage, not scold you for things you’re not doing. I am invested in the well-being and success of my clients and welcome feedback. (Unless you don’t want to do any more squats. That you can keep to yourself.) Seriously, though, I want to know if the program isn’t working for you or if you have questions about why we are doing certain things. And I want to hear about what’s going on in your life outside the gym.

Credentials / Experience

  • 12 years of personal training experience
  • 2005 BS in Psychology
  • 2005 NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • 2009 NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • 2015 NASM Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • 2017 NASM Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Current CPR-AED certified
  • Additional education and experience in youth populations, senior populations, pre and post-natal fitness, and yoga
  • Continued effort to stay on top of the latest scientific fitness research.

Other fun facts

Daranouvong FamilyI’m a mom
I have three kids. A step-daughter (14), a son (6) and a daughter (4) who are my heart and keep me very busy outside the gym. Oh, and three dogs and a cat. And a husband. Not always in that order.

I was an athlete
I was a Division I all-conference heptathlete and conference champion high-jumper at the University of Houston. The fact that I couldn’t decide on a single event just goes to show how much I value variety in exercise.

I’m trying to be an athlete still
In addition to the strength training I do in the gym, I have been training for shorter-distance triathlons the past few years, completing 3 sprint distance and 1 olympic distance triathlons.  I also enjoy playing volleyball and hiking any time I get the chance.